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Orchard / fitness trail

Put on your walking shoes and set off to discover a tropical garden, with its many varieties of fruit and vegetables.

1/2 hectare of happiness where you’re invited to pick and taste.

You’ll find seasonal citrus fruits, fruits bursting with water and sunshine, which you can enjoy in juice or jam for breakfast.

Some, like the Guajilotes and Caimites, require no processing to enjoy their authentic flavours.

Sea excursion
Our team will take you to discover the most authentic landscapes on Martinique's North Caribbean coast. We'll also take you on a trip to meet...
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A selection of fresh, local produce makes up the buffet served from Monday to Saturday evenings. You'll be able to choose from a selection of f...
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Enjoy the many fresh products on offer at our breakfast buffet. You'll find fruit, most of it from our orchard, in its raw form, as...
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